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Hosted by the Center for Violence Prevention and Recovery at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center



Eve is an advocate for survivors of trauma, restorative justice, leadership development, and sex education. She is committed to ending violence through education, prevention, and raising awareness by empowering youth and survivors to know their bodies and their rights. 


Eve volunteers on the Speakers Bureau with Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, and has previously been involved with the Survivor Theatre Project, and Incest Resources. She offers one-on-one coaching with the Beyond Surviving Program in collaboration with Rachel Grant Coaching. 


She completed her clinical social work placements at Wayside Youth & Family and Mass Mental Health Center. Eve graduated from Smith College's School for Social Work in 2018. She currently works as a full time social worker! 


Eve enjoys smoothies, spending time outside, chocolate, meditation, sending snail mail, playing with her niblings.



Cynda is the founder of S.H.E. (Sisterhood Healing Empowerment), a nonprofit started in 2016 dedicated to the holistic healing of Womyn of color throughout Boston's inner city neighborhoods. 


Cynda has led several healing retreats and workshops through out Boston and has a passion for working with survivors of domestic and sexual violence. As a survivor of both domestic violence and rape, she has dedicated her life to helping others heal and to spread knowledge of the holistic healing modalities that have helped her through her healing journey thus far.

Cynda is an advocate for domestic violence and sexual assault survivors. Cynda is a certified Warrior Goddess Facilitator, reiki master, women's empowerment coach, mindfulness coach, certified lactation consultant, certified yoga instructor and creative healing arts specialist. 

Cynda speaks both English and Spanish and is working on becoming fluent in ASL. She is a Boston native, mother of four, and enjoys yoga, meditating, reading, painting, full moon ceremonies, traveling, sculpting, bellydancing, writing, firewalks, hiking and connecting to all of mother nature. 



     Becca is an educator and artist with a passion for creating interactive community art projects. She has found expressive arts to be a powerful tool in healing deep wounds in people of all ages. Although Becca has always loved exploring all modalities of the arts, it wasn't until she was healing from her past that she realized that art can transform experiences of trauma and pain.

     Becca is currently attending graduate school and pursing a Master's in Social Work to continue helping others discover healing through expressive arts. She is passionate about building communities with safe spaces for creative expression for survivors of sexual and domestic violence. 

She enjoys playing with multi-media collages, text based art, watercolors, crayons, poetry, and occasionally dabbles with graphic design. Becca also enjoys yoga, running, rock climbing, reading, writing, and making smoothies. 

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