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Stronger Together Quilt Project-DV Awareness Month 2022

On October 27th, Survivor Leadership Collective and Center for Violence Prevention and Recovery hosted the Quilt Project event. This project was inspired by our SLC Advisor Cynda. We appreciate all those who have joined us in this space as it was a meaningful time together. Survivors came together to create quilt squares that reflect the following prompts:

  • What strengths and supports have you discovered in your healing journey?

  • How do you imagine a strong and supportive community?

Our vision is to sew these quilt squares together to create a beautiful quilt that represents the strength and journey of the DV survivors. We will keep you updated on the progress of the sewing process as well as the final reveal event to display the quilt.



The SLC have decided to extend the date of when the quilt squares can be decorated and submitted to 12/31/2022. Please reach out to Aubrey at for more information on how you can receive the quilt decoration kits and participate.

Check out our SLC social media for content and updates:

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